Lose Weight Without Failing AGAIN!

971DDAC4-A8DA-49A6-86FA-37A204899886Healthy eating and activity with the right tools will help anyone finally break the fad diet cycle.   Simple concept but obviously the hardest change to make for those who struggle with their weight like me!  Stop buying into the quick fixes and expensive fad diets!!

Multilevel Marketing Scam

I joined a multilevel marketing business in hopes to make money while doing something I love!  Doing something that is helping me get healthy the right way in an affordable way.  I am just getting started!   I am a healthcare professional and I have a brain.   I am not scamming anyone LOL

I cannot believe that most people are so skeptical!!   People think everything is a scam and people are so quick to say no!  It amazes me how desperate people are to lose weight but don’t want to put in effort or invest money and time into a program that is promoted by someone they know!   It’s so perplexing and frustrating!

Multilevel marketing is NOT a scam it is a legitimate way to promote a product/service line for a reputable company!

I love most people but definitely don’t understand why there is limited trust and courtesy in this world!  So much fear and lack of confidence.  That is the barrier in MLM!  That is why people fear getting involved!  They fear engagement or something….

I am only trying to help people get healthy because they cannot do it alone!  I am one of those people!  My story is classic!

Be yourself, find yourself, invest in yourself, find your purpose, make time for your health now or make time for illness later!!!



Meal Prepping? What is That All About? 🤷‍♀️

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I had no clue what meal prepping was.  I would flail around the kitchen everyday throwing food in my lunchbox.  Once I started putting a little more effort into planning I began prepping my lunches for the week every Sunday 😊   Grab and go!   Healthy and easy!   Fajita bowls are my favorite along with chili!

You can prep all meals or just some.   prepping has helped me tremendously and helps me avoid the junk and take out!!



I Started Horseback Riding Lessons!!! ❤️❤️

Something I have always wanted to do was ride horses!  My son is almost 13 and not an athlete so I figured it would be fun to take lessons together.  What a wonderful day 5/3/18!  Beautiful creatures and so refreshing.  I am so happy.  I am also so sore LOL.

Gosh I love animals!

How To Change Your Life

Simply start living your life!   Step out of your comfort zone and dig deep.  I seriously was a zombie going through the motions for over 13 years.   All of my energy was channeled into raising little children while working full time and trying to stay married.  I still juggle all of this but my outlook has changed.  My reaction has changed.  For the longest time I hated everything and everyone because I was not fulfilled.  I needed something for me

Once you realize that you can change your life EVERYTHING will fall into place. No more excuses.  Change is FREE!  Change is a MINDSET!

I am still working on my attitude and mindset.  This is a constant work in progress.  Life is hard but I have realized nothing will happen unless I DO something about it!   So, here I am writing this blog journal and spilling my guts.  It’s liberating and real.

Good day that is all 😊

You Have to Start Somewhere

Day 1 of my new wellness blog website  😱.

I have a passion for helping others!  I work in Healthcare…enough said!   I hope to grow my Independent Beachbody Coaching Business to help me reach my wellness goals while helping others change their life too!   I know it sounds cliche, but it’s real and proven successful.  MLM is terrifying!!   I have never in my life considered putting myself out there publicly!  Everyone is soooo skeptical and judgemental because so many people fail in this business!  We are all programmed to be people pleasers.   We all get our feelings hurt when people talk about us.  I rose above those negative ignorant people and realized that I had to break out of my comfort zone in order to succeed.   Not everyone has that kind of courage and independence so Inwill say I am proud of myself!

Well, since I am getting wordy…this community has helped me so much and I will not quit something that has been so positive in my life!

Being a part of the Beachbody community is not for everyone but it is definitely a great fit for SO many people who need support and a community helping them reach their goals either as a customer or a coach!  Health and wellness are a necessity in life.  We ALL need it.  We all have our own way of working out and eating.  I prefer easy meals and working out at home.  I don’t like to UGLY sweat in public LOL.  I don’t like the gym.  Others prefer eating out and going to the gym or running.  Regardless of your preference Beachbody has a tool to help you succeed!  Top notch nutrition guidance and fitness tools backed by research with trainers and nutritionists to give you what you need!   Who can afford that????  Beachbody provides these elite services at a super reasonable price!

I can provide support groups and positivity to help with staying on track!!  I can be that contact that is constant and always there to help you stay on track!!

MLM is no different than your average business!  Beachbody uses this business model along with it’s mass marketing to spread by word of mouth to involve their customers in a profit sharing concept of business!   I make money helping others do what I do to stay healthy!  So easy!  So motivating and fulfilling to see people getting results they dreamed of!!

It takes work and commitment to succeed!!   It takes confidence and passion!!  I have committed to helping others change their lives physically, emotionally and even financially if the coaching is a fit for you too!  Join me on your wellness journey and let’s see you transform!!


My Average Life Story

A little about me.  I am an average woman in my 40’s wearing the hats of wife, mom, Neurosurgery Physician Assistant, daughter sister etc.

My upbringing was average and loving.  No major trauma in my life.

I suffer from lifelong anxiety and panic attacks.  Anxiety runs in my family.  I was so blessed to inherit this lol.  I found myself lost in life in 2017 even though I had the perfect life in the eyes of others. I was depressed and had low self esteem. I could only see the negative in everything. I focused on how miserable I had become. I became even more introverted than ever before.

I had to call 911 one day because I thought I was having a heart attack. Chest pains and racing heart terrified me! I was mortified it was just a panic attack but thankful I didn’t die!

That moment in my life made me realize something was wrong in my life. I needed to make a change. I needed to find happiness and finally DO something about it.

I began taking care of ME first! I started exercising and eating better. I changed jobs and stopped working as many hours. I spent more time with my family and was more present for my children! I felt liberated and fell in love with my new confidence once I began living life MY WAY!  I started finding more joy and gratefulness in my everyday life.  Finally!

I have lost weight, gained strength and endurance, found my confidence and feel fulfilled within a community of strong positive and confident women supporting me every step of the way!  A huge help for me was joining the Beachbody community.  This helped me tremendously.   I am an introvert and enjoyed the support groups in the comfort of my own home online 😊   For me this was huge.  I have NEVER been successful with wellness and fitness.   I have never been consistent with healthy nutrition.   This has been a blessing in my life.   I know there are people I can help do the same.

I want to help others do the same!!
I want to help others find their confidence!!




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